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New recommendations on 4/23/18

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Our service is designed to give you, the everyday investor, a chance to make money in the ETF market.

All Star Investor is one of only six newsletters named to the 2011 and 2012 Hulbert Financial Digest Honor Rolls.

Welcome to your premier ETF advisory service

NewRecoIcon-239x300New recommendations on 4/23/18
Updated by 2:00 PM Eastern


Forget your password?

Our service is designed to give you, the everyday investor, a chance to make money in the ETF market.

All Star Investor is one of only six newsletters named to the 2011 and 2012 Hulbert Financial Digest Honor Rolls.

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We avoid dangerous ETFs

Our strategies are available for any investor

We offer five risk-managed ETF models

We avoid dangerous ETFs

Our strategies are available for any investor

We offer five risk-managed ETF models

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"I most value the unique RSM scores (rankings) as a great intermediate trend measure.  I don’t want to be in a fund that does not an RSM above the money markets.  Thanks for continuing to make your services better and better – now 3 times a week and online."

G.C., Maryland

"For years, I chased the 'hottest' newsletter and/or fund which just caused me to move money around excessively and waste money...Once I subscribed, however, I've followed your recommendations religiously and have been very pleased with the results."

L.F. Texas

"This short letter is in appreciation for your excellent newsletter. The results are very impressive and help me understand what you're doing and why your system is the BEST."

L.S. Wyoming

"You do an excellent job and have made me a much wealthier man. I recommend you strongly to anyone who will listen."

N.T. California

"I subscribed for years during the late 90s and made a lot of money just moving my 401k in and out of sectors. But I made a huge mistake in thinking you were wrong to advise selling Select Electronics when it was $122 or so. I didn't sell, it went up to $130, but then I got distracted and it plunged to $64 before I got rid of it. I learned my lesson. I pay you for advice and I now make sure I take it. Thanks."

R.W. Pennsylvania

"I am very satisfied with your newsletter and the returns it provides for my retirement account... keep up the good work and research. Thank you!"

Y.L. Maryland

"I have been with the service for a long time. I love the commentary on the state of the stock market. I pay close attention to your advice on when to enter or leave the market. I like your take on why the markets are doing what they are doing."

M.W. Texas

"Your newsletter is light years the best in its overcrowded field - and not only in results but in clarity, prudence, calmness, and overall responsibility, such as adding a hotline."

J.C. California

"I have been with you since early 1994. Yours is the most effective newsletter I receive. Your philosophy and portfolio structures most match my own thoughts about investing in today's investment climate. In my opinion, little needs to be changed. You have done a great job throughout the 10+ years of my association with you. Great work! I am confident you'll remain at the top of my list of indispensible investment information sources and portfolio management services. "

J.W. Pennsylvania

Ron Rowland
Former Executive Editor
Former Mutual Fund Manager

A message from your ETF consumer advocate

Difficult times call for smarter measures

Dear Investor,

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are changing the investment landscape. Many of these changes are great: low cost, transparency, wide-ranging asset class exposure, and innovation in the form of new smart-beta and strategic-beta investment strategies.

However, some of the changes can be downright dangerous to your financial well-being: one in five ETFs do not survive, nearly 25% of existing ETFs are on ETF Deathwatch, and more than a third have substantial liquidity problems that could cost you dearly when it’s time to sell.

Additionally, more than 75 products are completely broken—unable to create new shares. Hundreds have structural problems such as not owning any actual assets, not segregating shareholders’ investments from the fund sponsor’s other obligations, or ignoring the more than 80-year-old mutual fund industry convention of being a pass-through investment vehicle.

That’s right. Many of the new ETFs are organized and taxed as corporations, and all of their taxable gains are subject to the federal corporate tax rate of 35%. Then, as a shareholder, you have to pay taxes again—it’s called double taxation, and it’s completely avoidable if you know which ETFs to avoid.

Fortunately, I’m here to help. I’m a huge fan of ETFs and have used them extensively since 2000 when I launched one of the first mutual funds that owned ETFs. However, unlike many advisors and newsletter writers that blindly believe the marketing hype behind every new ETF, I take a good strong look before issuing any buy recommendations.

I’m a fan, but I’m also one of the most vocal critics of shoddy offerings. That is just one of the benefits of letting me help you find the right ETF for your needs.

I’ve put together a lineup of ETF model portfolios covering a wide range of investment objectives. They will help you find the best ETFs and avoid the duds, all with very specific, yet easy-to-follow recommendations. These are not your everyday model portfolios—they are risk-managed models.

The process and results are completely transparent. My service tells you which ETF to buy and the percentage allocation you should make. Then, more importantly, it tells you when to sell. Performance tracking is both complete and realistic. I give subscribers advance notice of all new recommendations. Then, prices that subscribers can actually attain are used, brokerage commissions are included, and historical results are provided in an easily accessible format.

ETFs provide great opportunities for investors that are able to navigate the tricky landscape, and this service can help you do just that. It provides simple, straightforward, and understandable investment advice and more.

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