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Ron Rowland's ETF Field Guide for 2013
Ron Rowlands ETF Field Guide for 2013
List Price $49.00
Our Price $19.00
You Save $30.00 61%

If Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) interest you, my new ETF Field Guide is a must-own!

You already know ETFs have changed the investment landscape forever, giving investors like you and me easy access to every corner of the financial markets.

Growth always brings challenges, though, and the ETFs landscape is no exception. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Where do you start? 

When you’re lost in the investment jungle and can’t tell the animals apart, you need a guide to show the way. Now you have one! My hot off the presses ETF Field Guide (new 2013 edition) gives you the most comprehensive listing of 1445 ETFs, Exchange Traded Notes, and similar species.

Better yet, the ETF Field Guide separates the herd into a handful of categories. You’ll find the right trail immediately. This 72-page report lists each category and sub-category including all your choices along with key data points. You'll see a side-by-side comparison of expense ratio...current size…and historical returns, both short-term and long-term.

ETF Field Guide SampleUnderstanding risk is crucial to all adventurers, too. That's why ETF Field Guide gives you risk measures like standard deviation, worst-case monthly drawdowns, beta, liquidity metrics, and tax reporting expectations.

With all this data in mind, ETF Field Guide has one more feature you won't find anywhere else...

In many categories, we highlight the one ETF or ETN that we think is the best all-around choice. Of course every situation can vary, so our “Top Picks” are only a general guide, but they give you the best place to start your decision-making process.

Special Introductory Offer: Only $19 With Instant Online Delivery

Because the data is so important, I’m making the 2013 edition of ETF Field Guide available to you for only $19 – less than half the $49 cover price! Click the add to cart button above to order now!

The price is even better when you consider how quickly the information in ETF Field Guide will pay for itself. For instance, you’ll see in the Global All Country category how our top-choice ETF has an expense ratio 35% lower than the largest and most popular ETF in the category.  Lower fees? Higher returns? If the ETF Field Guide can lead you toward better choices, your savings will add up quickly.

This ETF Field Guide is the most comprehensive, impartial ETF data available to individual investors today. You’ll be able to download your field guide in PDF format as soon as we receive your order.

Ron Rowland

P.S. The ETF Field Guide is both comprehensive and neutral. We are entirely independent from the ETF industry. We accept no advertising from ETF sponsors or brokers.  Our goal is to serve you – the investor. We are on your side!