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Dear Investor,

Our service now includes a ETF Dividend & Income Strategy. As baby boomers retire, more and more investors are moving from the "accumulation" stage to the "distribution" phase of investing. In other words, they need to live off the income from their portfolio.

The proliferation of new ETFs now makes building such a portfolio from ETFs feasible. However, with more than 360 dividend and income exchange traded products to choose from, you must exercise care when building a sound diversified portfolio that meets your objectives.

There are three major risks many investors overlook when embarking on a dividend investing plan. First, the most popular dividend mutual funds and ETFs do not pay enough dividends to meet even the first year goal of most investors (extracting 4% income). Second, dividends are not guaranteed - they can be (and have been) reduced. Third, since the portfolio is 100% invested in stocks, it can be very volatile.

I've designed the All Star ETF Dividend & Income Strategy to overcome these and other problems with the pure dividend approach. I've kept the best aspects of the dividend methodology and coupled them with the tried & true risk management techniques of total return investing.

The result is a portfolio designed to:
  • Generate income in excess of 4% the first year
  • Have that income grow to stay ahead of inflation
  • Provide lower volatility than pure dividend portfolios
  • Not lock you in to current low yields
  • Take advantage of higher interest rates in the future

Additionally, our ETF Dividend & Income Strategy is designed to produce higher yield and lower risk than the four most popular dividend ETFs.

If dividend investing is not for you, we also offer other strategies and services as part of your subscription to All Star Investor. Check out the other reasons you should get All Star Investor TODAY!

  1. We Avoid Dangerous ETFs

    As the author of ETF Deathwatch, I fully understand that many ETFs are downright dangerous to own. 472 are on ETF Deathwatch as of June 2016. Others suffer from poor liquidity. There are 695 ETFs and ETNs on my DO NOT TRADE list, plus 115 that are too new to trade. ETNs have their own problems - no other publication identifies all 203 ETNs for you.

    $100 Off Regular Price

  2. We Watch Your Backside

    Some newsletters throw caution to the wind and take extraordinary risks. Others are perpetually bearish, causing you to miss many opportunities. Our service has delivered excellent gains while simultaneously protecting your backside.

    All Star Investor is one of only six newsletters named to the Hulbert Financial Digest newsletter Honor Roll for both 2011 and 2012. We earned this award by delivering above-average performance in bull markets AND above-average performance in bear markets. During the darkest days of the recent bear market, All Star Investor was the #1 rated fund letter for long-term performance by Hulbert Financial Digest (Jan 1993 - Feb 2009).

  3. A Strategy for Any Investor

    Not sure what to invest in? No problem. With our comprehensive offering of investment strategies and fund rankings, you can pick from four (4) easy-to-follow strategies or develop your own trading system using our fund rankings -- whatever works for you. Our extensive service allows you to invest in ETFs or Mutual Funds!

  4. Low-Maintenance Investing

    Who has time to watch the market all day? We know you don't. Instead of watching multiple stock alerts flood your inbox throughout the day, we usually send alerts once per week. On the other hand, we make provisions for more updates if necessary. That way you can focus on other things besides the market. However, we update our website data at least three times each week if you are the type of investor that prefers to keep closer tabs on the market.

  5. Accessible, Professional Opinion for the Everyday-Investor

    Have you ever had an investment advisory service you couldn't understand? Never again. We provide the headlines-behind-the-headlines in an easy to grasp manner. That way, you'll never wonder why you bought Consumer Discretionary or sold Energy. Everything will be laid out in a clear format, with simple directions.

  6. Four (4) Transparent Investing Strategies

    Do you ever think about how some stock services you never heard of boast astronomical returns? Easy - they don't show their losing trades on the bottom line. Anybody can have big winners, but you need an advisory service that's honest about all trades. The returns we post have both winners and losers. Still, we've been very successful over the long haul.

  7. An ETF Dividend Strategy With Above-Average Yield and Below-Average Risk

    Don't be fooled into thinking you can just buy a dividend ETF or mutual fund and have your income needs taken care of. The highest quality dividend ETFs don't kick out enough income. The highest yielding ETFs are much too risky. Others are overly concentrated in narrow sectors. You need a whole portfolio approach to be a successful ETF dividend investor and that is where our new ETF Dividend & Income Strategy can help. It is designed to deliver higher yield than the four leading ETF dividend ETFs while doing so with much less risk.

  8. Powerful ETF Strategy for Exchange Traded Fund Investors

    With over 1600+ ETFs on the market, how do you decide which ones to buy? We've eliminated the hard work for you by selecting highly-ranked ETFs in our proprietary rankings. We do the research, and you simply buy the best ETFs and sell the others. Started in 2003, our low-maintenance ETF Tactical Growth strategy has provided steady returns while lowering the risk.

    $100 Off Regular Price

  9. Leading Multiple-Sector Exchange Traded Fund Strategy

    If you invest in ETFs, then you owe it to yourself to check out our low-maintenance ETF Sector Rotation Strategy. This strategy usually invests in four ETFs. Since inception in 1991, this strategy has averaged more than +11% annualized, and it has cumulative returns that are more than +300% greater than the S&P 500!

  10. Unparalleled Track Record

    Our strategies have given readers monster returns in their portfolios since the early '90's.   Some of our almost-unbelievable cumulative results are hundreds of percentage points ahead of the market!  And these aren't hypothetical backtests -- these are real-time results in the market with real wins and losses. Compare those overall returns with the stuttering Dow or Nasdaq.

  11. Eight (8) Separate ETF Ranking Tables
    *Now Updated 3 times a week!*

    Check out our comprehensive list of over 1600+ Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) ranked by Relative Strength Momentum.  These include Sector, International, Style, Bond, Commodity, Currency, Leveraged & Inverse, Volatility, and New (IPO) ETFs. Plus, our exclusive list of DO NOT TRADE ETFs that have severe liquidity risks.

    See which ones are in favor and find out which ones you should avoid like the plague.  Use our proprietary rankings to develop your own investing strategy. Then buy those funds with the highest expectation of growth. If you invest in ETFs, you can't afford not to see these rankings!

  12. Two (2) Separate Mutual Fund Ranking Tables
    *Now Updated 3 times a week!*

    Check out our comprehensive list of Fidelity mutual funds ranked by Relative Strength Momentum.

    Check out which ones are in favor and which ones are out of favor.  Use our proprietary rankings to develop your own investing strategy. Then buy those funds with the highest expectation of growth. If you invest in mutual funds, you must get these rankings!

  13. Active, Continuous Investment Research

    With as much as we've accomplished in our advisory service, we still strive for continual improvement. Don't expect our employees to hit the golf course while the markets are open.  We constantly monitor our model strategies to provide the best information to subscribers. If there's a change, you're the first to know.

    $100 Off Regular Price

  14. Weekly Updates by Email (More If Needed)

    Every Monday, we provide a unique beginning-of-week market commentary. We look at the last week and then preview the week to come. Here's where you get Ron Rowland's perspective on the economy, the markets, and how it will affect you.

    We also provide a list of positions in our current investing strategies. If there are any changes, we'll let you know in these Monday Email Updates.  Sometimes we send additional updates during the week. That way you don't have to watch the markets -- just your email inbox -- so you can concentrate on what you do best. 

  15. Secure Telephone Hotline

    Are you away from your computer periodically? No problem. We don't just provide updates by email and our website. We also provide a telephone hotline. That way, you can get updates on our investing strategies by phone. These updates are recorded every week and whenever a new recommendation is made -- so you don't have to be at your computer all the time.

  16. Premium Special Reports on the Market

    Since we are an investment research firm, we uncover various trends throughout the year. Sometimes we'll release various reports to explore these thoughts. Our subscribers get exclusive first-glance access to these powerful reports for no additional charge.

  17. *Free* E-Book by Ron Rowland
    Ten Bear Market Survival Strategies

    This useful 48-page book is only available to our premium subscribers.  It provides solid information that will help position your portfolio regardless of what the market does. 

    Plus, you keep the E-Book even if you cancel your subscription. What could be more fair?

And much more...

Take advantage of this powerful service today. Don't wait until your account loses more. You need a professional advisory service to help you in these troubled markets - to prepare you for what maybe the biggest bounce of this century. 

Many services cost multiple times what we charge, but they don't provide these types of rankings or the track record for success. We tried to pack as much value into this service, yet still keep it affordable for the regular investor. After our free trial, the monthly subscription is only $27. Cancel at any time - no questions asked! 

You could also save a month by upgrading your subscription to a year for only $197 ($100 off regular price). This method is guaranteed refundable on a pro-rated basis. That way you only pay for information you use. 

100% Guarantee

You get 14-days of All Star Investor for no charge. If you like what you see, then you'll see how a successful professional advisory service guides everyday investors. If it's not for you, simply give us a call and we'll remove your account - it's that easy.

Again, if you get the annual subscription, you can cancel at anytime after
 your 14-day free trial for a pro-rated refund. 

You can't afford not to signup in markets like these. You need an experienced investment advisory service to guide you through the confusion. Act now before something else happens to your portfolio.

Don't wait another day - subscribe today!


Ron Rowland
Editor, Invest With An Edge

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$100 Off Regular Price

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"I most value the unique RSM scores (rankings) as a great intermediate trend measure.  I don’t want to be in a fund that does not an RSM above the money markets.  Thanks for continuing to make your services better and better – now 3 times a week and online."



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